The Secure Crypto App That Automatically Swaps Tokens

Used By Whales, Token Teams, And Everyday Holders To Swap Crypto 24/7. Supports Wallets Created By MetaMask, Trust Wallet, SafePal, & More.

Automate swapping your tokens 24/7 using sell settings that you control.

Tell DEXbot when and how to swap tokens through the secure client application.

Maintain token health with our user queue system that supports hundreds of users on each token.

Never miss out on taking profits during a late night bull run again by automating swaps.

Swap Crypto In 3 Steps:
Install. Run. Relax.

It’s not always a great idea to wait until ‘the price goes a bit higher’ before taking your initial risk or additional profits out on a new crypto project. The price can take a downward turn, and leave you kicking yourself and questioning what if you sold small amounts sooner. DEXbot solves the issue of when and how to sell, and does it 24/7. You can configure settings like minimum time between sells, max sell amount in a swap and minimum sell price per token. DEXbot then runs autonomously and securely makes those swaps for you, which takes away the need to anxiously look at charts all day. Most importantly, the DEXbot Client application takes measures to ensure your private key and seed phrase are kept safely in your control. The Client source code is completely transparent and open source.

A token swap app built for everyone, not just crypto whales and token teams

If you want to only sell token reflections, we got you covered. If you are on a token team and need to sell tokens from a marketing/dev wallet, DEXbot does it while keeping the token price healthy. Whales no longer have to idly sit by while watching their HODL’d tokens go down in value. With DEXbot, token holders can sit back and relax while DEXbot does the legwork.

DEXbot’s pricing is based on overall swap volume, so you can use DEXbot as much or infrequently as you would like without feeling locked in. 

DEXbot works for all token pairs on any EVM compatible blockchain.


Currently Supported Token Pairs


Daily Volume On Supported Blockchains


Support For Cold Wallet Addresses


Volume-based pricing with zero hidden fees or setup charges

DEXbot Trading Fee

2.5% Of Swapped Value
  • Unlimited Connected Tokens
  • Unlimited Connected Wallets
  • No Minimums On Overall Volume

Referral Reward

+5.0% Of Fees Generated By Referrals
  • Earn 5% of trading fees from your referrals
  • No Limit On The Number of Invited Referrals
  • No Limit On Earnable Rewards

an unwaivering focus on security

We know that manually making trades isn’t ideal, but neither is putting your private key or seed phrase into an unknown program. We break down that barrier by publicly releasing the codebase of our client application so you can see exactly how it works and what data it actually sends/receives. DEXbot never stores, retrieves, sends, logs, or shares the private key in any capacity, at any point. The private key is completely local to your machine, is only used when signing transactions, and is destroyed after the program is exited.

Every official release of the Client application has an official checksum to ensure that the code you run is verified so you can go to sleep knowing your tokens are SAFU.

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